ASPNET 5 EntityFramework.SQLite for x64 platform

Posted by Anuraj on Friday, November 6, 2015 Reading time :1 minute

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By default EntityFramework.SQLite will not work with x64 platform. Here is the tweak which helps you to target your ASP.NET 5 application for x64 platform.

  • Find the package install location. This could be %USERPROFILE%.dnx\packages\Microsoft.Data.Sqlite(version)\ - Since I am using beta 8, it is 1.0.0-beta8.
  • Create following two folders inside the package location.

  • %USERPROFILE%.dnx\packages\Microsoft.Data.Sqlite\1.0.0-beta8\runtimes\win\native\x64
  • %USERPROFILE%.dnx\packages\Microsoft.Data.Sqlite\1.0.0-beta8\runtimes\win-x64\native

  • Download the System.Data.SQLite Core from - You can download it here
  • Extract the nuget package - You can use any un zip tool for this purpose.
  • Copy the SQLite.Interop.dll from build\net451\x64\ folder, paste to the new folders created in step 2.
  • Rename the SQLite.Interop.dll files to sqlite3.dll.

Now you can run the ASP.NET 5 web apps with sqlite targetting x64 platform

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