Converting DataTable to Generic List

Code snippet for converting a DataTable to Generic List.

public static List<TEntity> ToList<TEntity>(this DataTable dataTable,
    Dictionary<string, string> mapping) where TEntity : new()
    var list = new List<TEntity>();
    foreach (DataRow dataRow in dataTable.Rows)
        var entity = new TEntity();
        foreach (var keyvaluePair in mapping)
            var property = entity.GetType().GetProperty(keyvaluePair.Key,
                            BindingFlags.IgnoreCase | BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.Instance);
            if (dataRow[keyvaluePair.Value] != DBNull.Value)
                var propertyType = 
                    Nullable.GetUnderlyingType(property.PropertyType) ?? property.PropertyType;
                var value = 
                    Convert.ChangeType(dataRow[keyvaluePair.Value], propertyType);
                property.SetValue(entity, value, null);


    return list;

You can use this as an extension method to the Data Table class. By providing the mapping dictionary, the consumer class can decide which all columns / properties need to participate in the conversion.

Happy Programming :)